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Need a good laugh and badassery at the same time? I got ya boi
When you come home after going out a few hours and your older sis is working out in your eoom. I felt like an asshole to kick her out, but really?! Is nothing sacred?!

Haha then again my only safe spaces is work and wherever my dork is.
Art Trades: OPEN
Requests: OPEN

I only draw with traditional media at the moment. Unless I go steal my boyfriend's tablet and somehow learn to art, that may change XD
I do not have a scanner so I try to take nice pictures with my phone. Hopefully I can get a scanner or learn to digital art in the near future.

So I am pretty chill but I'll lay out some ground rules:

1. If it is not your oc, I need permision from the original owner (ie if they say its ok for anyone to draw their oc or they tell you that I can etc)
- the exception is characters from offical content (Wolf's Rain, We Bare Bears, Balto ect)
-proper credit will be given to all submissions

2. If possible send or link a ref of said character. My coloring abilitiles are limited since I draw with pens, pencils and sharpies. I usually will post the uncolored and at your request, I can post a colored version

3. I am working on my own ref sheets if you wish to draw my characters or me. Just credit me, I love fan art (even tho I aint famous)

4. Animals are definatley my specialty but I can draw anthros and humans. I mean, my art has flaws but I am trying XD constructive criticism is appreciated

5. I am a busy person with school and work but I will try to get back to you ASAP and let you know if there is delay or issues

But yeah, feel free to chat with me lol


HerdDoggo's Profile Picture
United States
I like dogs

I like to draw either animals or humans. Whatever lol
Sometimes the things I draw are cute and some days, it's gore. I am trying to improve my gore drawings.

I can take requests but I am busy and I am not the greatest artist in the world lol


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